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Homny CozyCat™ - Cats' favorite place!

Homny CozyCat™ - Cats' favorite place!

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The #1 CozyCat™ cat hideout of 2024!

It's instinctive for a cat to hide and play in tunnels. This helps them overcome their fears and relax, allowing them to be a happier cat.

Create an environment where you can raise a happy, healthy cat.

  • Combine a cat hideout, tunnel and light while saving space.
    Made of extremely durable and scratch resistant felt.
    Donut shape, ideal for cats to play and hide.
    Can be disassembled with a zipper, making it very easy to clean.

Why choose the CozyCat™ cat hideaway:

Improved sleep quality
It's the perfect bed for anxious cats! Its comfortable "donut" style shape is designed for your cat's comfort and safety. The insulated lining ensures that your cat can sleep peacefully.

Endless entertainment for your cat
All cats will fall in love with this tunnel bed. They love to hide and jump there. It offers the perfect balance of mental stimulation, exercise and relaxation. You'll also enjoy watching your cats play and hide in this CozyCat™ tunnel bed!

Perfect for multiple cats

What makes this bed special is that it can be used by up to 4 cats simultaneously. So you can buy a cat bed that multiple cats can use, saving you money and making your cats more sociable and happier. Much better than a simple cat bed that can only accommodate one cat at a time.

The world's first scratch-resistant cat tunnel bed

Spacious tunnel made of extremely durable and scratch-resistant felt

High quality zipper

100% eco-friendly and non-toxic: Made from recycled, eco-friendly materials that naturally repel odors, dirt and stains. It is lightweight, very soft and extremely durable, keeping your cat warm in winter and cool in summer.

What material is it made of?
The CozyCat™ Tunnel Bed is made of high-quality, thick felt, providing insulation and warmth, while still providing noise for easily frightened animals. This makes your pet feel safe and sheltered.

How to clean it?
It should only be cleaned locally. Open the zipper and clean with a damp sponge.

What should I do if my cat doesn't like it?
We offer a 30-day money back guarantee if your cat doesn't like the CozyCat™ Tunnel Bed. So we are confident that your feline friend will absolutely love it!

★★★★★ Rated 4.9/5 by over 400 satisfied customers
“Really the best purchase I have ever made for my cat!
A hiding place, lighting and a chat tunnel, all in one. This is the ULTIMATE GIFT for any cat!

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