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SereneGlow Aromatic Night Light Air Humidifier

SereneGlow Aromatic Night Light Air Humidifier

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Immerse yourself in a peaceful atmosphere with SereneGlow, which promotes relaxation and well-being.

Transform your living space into a relaxing oasis with the SereneGlow™ Aromatic Night Lamp Humidifier, a multifunctional device that combines the benefits of aromatherapy, humidity regulation and mood lighting.

✔️Dual Function Aromatherapy: SereneGlow™ not only humidifies your space, but also serves as an aromatherapy diffuser. Add your favorite essential oils to the water tank and let the beneficial scents diffuse into the air, promoting relaxation, reducing stress and improving sleep quality.

✔️Humidifies and refreshes:
Combat dry air with the humidification feature of SereneGlow™. The device emits a fine mist that humidifies the air and helps relieve dry skin, irritated sinuses and other discomforts related to low humidity. Enjoy a refreshing and pleasant atmosphere in your home.

✔️Soothing night light: Create a calm atmosphere with the built-in night light. SereneGlow™ emits a soft, calming light that provides subtle illumination to your space. The soft light is perfect for bedrooms, children's rooms or other places where you want to create a calm and comfortable ambiance.

✔️Quiet and efficient operation:
SereneGlow™ operates quietly, making it ideal for use in bedrooms or offices without causing disruption. Its efficient design ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy and humidification without background noise, promoting a peaceful and uninterrupted atmosphere.


The package contains:
  • 1x SereneGlow™

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    Excellent product! It perfectly meets my expectations and offers exceptional value for money.

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    This is exactly what I needed. Delivery was fast and the product is impeccable.

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    I am very happy with my purchase, but I found the packaging a little damaged upon receipt, however the product was in perfect condition