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SandPeace™: The Living Art of Relaxation.

SandPeace™: The Living Art of Relaxation.

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Treat yourself to a daily escape from the comfort of your home!

Imagine, after a long day, sitting comfortably in your living room and being captivated by an ever-changing work of art. As you watch the sand flow and form changing landscapes, each movement bringing a new surprise, you feel deep relaxation and instant calm.

With the SandPeace™, not only do you add a touch of elegance to your space, but you also benefit from a relaxation tool. Its crystal clear clarity and luxurious design make it a perfect addition to any type of interior decor, whether in a living room, bedroom or even an office.

But that's not all: SandPeace™ is much more than just a decoration. Each flip produces a unique landscape, stimulating your creativity and improving your mood. It is designed to relax your eyes, strengthen your patience and help you disconnect from daily stress.

Do not wait any longer ! Experience the calm, serenity and beauty that SandPeace™ can bring to your life. In addition, its installation is simple and does not require professional tools, and its elegant acrylic design allows it to fit perfectly into any space.

Frequently asked Questions :

1. What to do if the sand does not fall or falls too quickly?
- To obtain finer bubbles, gently shake the SandPeace™. If you don't use it for several weeks, you may need to shake the sand to get it moving again.

2. Should I add water? What type of water should I use?
- Yes, maybe once a year. Use spring water to fill the SandPeace™. Do not remove water from your sand board and avoid overfilling.

3. Is it leaking?
- With normal use and handling, water should not leak.

4. Do you get the same sand creation every time you turn it?
- Each time is unique and captivating, providing a different experience with each use.

Reinvent your relaxation space and let yourself be carried away by the magic of SandPeace™. Order yours today.


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